How Our Online Union Member Stores Work

At, we're dedicated to enhancing the online shopping experience for union members. Our goal is to ease the burden on unions while offering high-quality, union-made garments. We take pride in supporting the union community, and we're excited to help members showcase their union spirit through their apparel.

Here’s our straightforward three-step process for setting up a union member store:

Step 1: Select Your Ideal Union Store Package

Understanding that each union has unique requirements for union-made apparel, we offer a variety of packages to suit different needs. These packages let you choose the number of designs, garment types, and other customization options. Plus, with every package, you have the opportunity to have your monthly online store subscription fee waived if you meet the monthly sales threshold.

Explore our subscription packages here. Once you pick your package, you’re ready for the next phase.

Step 2: Onboarding Call with a Union Store Expert

Next, we'll arrange a 30-minute onboarding call to gather essential details for your custom online union store. We'll need information like your logo, preferred garment materials, desired designs, and more.

This call ensures we have all the necessary details to tailor your online store to your liking. After the call, our team gets to work on setting up your store and preparing the products for your members. Typically, we can have your store ready for your final review within 4 to 6 business days. Once you approve, we're all set for launch.

Step 3: Launch Your Union Store

With everything in place, we launch your union store. You'll receive a unique URL for exclusive access by you and your union members, offering a personalized shopping experience. We handle all production, shipping, and customer service, ensuring a seamless experience for your members.

Need assistance in marketing your store? Our marketing professionals are here to help maximize your online union store's potential. At month's end, we provide a detailed sales report, highlighting store performance and popular garment designs. If you’re operating a pop-up store, you can set the opening and closing dates and receive a comprehensive sales report post-closure.

Ready to establish your online union member store?

Book a consultation with a union store specialist at and discover how we can support your union's unique needs.